Located in the heart of old Bangkok, The Ember Hotel is a modern, refreshing addition to the historic town of Phra Nakhon. The hotel embraces the local history of the neighborhood with truly unique design elements, and by paying homage to the Javanese migrants that settled in the area.

More than just a place to rest for the night, The Ember Hotel is an upscale destination that beckons travelers to explore the rich heritage of Bangkok’s Royal and Arts districts. Conveniently nestled on Tani Road, the hotel offers close proximity to renowned attractions such as the iconic Khao San Road, the bustling Chao Phraya riverside, and the historic Bangkok Old Town, ensuring a memorable and enriching stay for our guests.

Delight in the perfect destination of your journey in Bangkok, where comfort and a seamless blend of the past and present await. Experience the enchantment of Old Bangkok’s historic sites while enjoying the convenience and relaxation of our upscale accommodations. Drawing inspiration from the Khao San Road neighborhood’s historic charm and the captivating sites of Old Bangkok, our hotel provides a unique style that combines the art of lifestyle and the local community in Phra Nakhon.


The Ember Hotel embodies the philosophy of curating extraordinary experiences within a modern and sophisticated environment. Seamlessly blending contemporary design with elements inspired by its rich heritage, the hotel invites guests to relish in a luxurious setting that evokes nostalgic memories.

The creative and captivating column design of The Ember Hotel is a reflection of the ten heritage shophouses that previously stood in the hotel’s location. The distinctive layered and textured 3D brick facade draws inspiration from the native Tako tree, ornately designed as an abstract interpretation of trimmed branches that twist and bend. Each and every one of the bricks in the facade of The Ember Hotel was handmade by and sourced from local artisans in Chiang Mai, adding a touch of authenticity to the hotel’s architecture.

The Tako tree motif on the facade represents a native tree to the area, which holds deep symbolic significance within the sacred grounds of Wat Pho, one of Bangkok’s most revered temples. The charcoal lining the alleyway as you enter to the hotel’s reception pays tribute to the traditional use of charcoal by Javanese satay hawkers in the past. The intricately designed metal screens adorning the hotel’s interior are inspired by the old steel safety screens that were once found on neighborhood shophouses, serving as a testament to the area’s rich history.

A perfect balance and blend of culture and design, The Ember Hotel offers an exceptional urban retreat in the heart of Bangkok Old Town.


At The Ember Hotel, the rooms are thoughtfully and artfully designed to provide a modern and contemporary experience. With a focus on comfort, each room is meticulously curated to ensure a pleasant stay, offering all the essential amenities for a comfortable getaway in Bangkok. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or using it as a starting point to explore the city, our rooms provide the perfect sanctuary for your stay.


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