Highly Recommended Restaurants and Bars in the Tani Neighborhood

The vibrant city of Bangkok is home to some of the best street food in the world, as well as Michelin-starred restaurants and hole-in-the-wall eateries big on flavor. The best way to experience the unique culinary landscape of Bangkok is to eat your way around the city.

Located in the heart of old Bangkok and nestled on Tani Road, The Ember Hotel is within close proximity to a number of delicious local restaurants and eclectic bars all well worth exploring while staying with us. Our staff have chosen a variety of their favorites to share with you, so let’s explore the culinary creativity and electric nightlife of the historic neighborhood!

Ayeeshah Roddee

A Thai-Muslim restaurant on Tani Road popular with locals, Ayeeshah Roddee is on the doorstep of Khao San Road. The shop utilizes family recipes brought over from Indonesia and is famous for its oxtail soup and delicious biryani rice served with beef or chicken.

Ayeeshah Roddee is open daily from 8am until 10pm, and can be found west of the Rambuttri Alley roundabout down a small alley on the southwest side of the street.

Distance from The Ember Hotel: 60 m (1 min)

Tom Yum Kung Banglamphu

A street vendor with a collection of shabby tables along Soi Kraisri, Tom Yum Kung Banglamphu is famous for its perfectly balanced tom yum soup which gets a creamy consistency from shrimp fat. Although located near Khao San Road, the street vendor doesn’t serve a lot of foreign clientele, but is extremely popular with local Bangkokians.

Tom Yum Kung Banglamphu is open daily from breakfast to dinner, and also features a variety of Thai salads and stir-fries on the menu. The delicious tom yum soup is priced at an affordable 150THB per bowl.

Distance from The Ember Hotel: 130 m (2 mins)

Nittaya Thai Curry

A Bangkok icon, Nittaya Thai Curry is located in a supermarket. Here you’ll find authentic ready made Thai food and desserts packaged for sale. The food here is made without preservatives and MSG, and is beyond affordable.

For those who enjoy cooking at home and want to take the flavors of Thailand with you after your holiday, you can choose from a variety of packaged Thai curry pastes and chili pastes ready for purchase.

Distance from The Ember Hotel: 130 m (2 mins)

Molly Bar

Located on Soi Rambuttri near Khao San Road, Molly Bar is a super trendy bar spread across two floors. The front of the venue has an outdoor terrace while the second floor has a pool table.

Molly Bar books live bands nightly and features a menu of Thai and international dishes as well as a fully-stocked bar. Molly Bar is open daily from 18:00pm until 01:00am.

Distance from The Ember Hotel: 270 m (3 mins)

Patonggo Cafe

Open since 1968, Patonggo Cafe is a specialty dessert shop that serves the famous Thai-Chinese pastry patonggo, a long, golden-brown fried strip of dough similar to a doughnut. Choose to have your patonggo stuffed with kaya or pork floss, or eat as is and dunk into a sweet Thai tea with condensed milk. Also available at Patonggo Cafe is homemade ice cream, Chinese prawn dumplings and tom yum soup.

Distance from The Ember Hotel: 300 m (4 mins)

Brick Bar

A legendary venue with space for 1,000 people on Khao San Road, Brick Bar is famous for their live ska and reggae music and late night parties. Brick Bar is a must-visit when staying in Bangkok.

The interiors of Brick Bar are decorated with red bricks and feature multiple dance floors and comfortable seating. Big name music events happen on Friday and Saturday nights, and sometimes the bar hosts DJ parties. The bar is open daily from 19:00pm-01:30am.

Distance from The Ember Hotel: 400 m (5 mins)

Karim Roti Mataba

Located in Bang Lamphu, Karim Roti Mataba is a popular Muslim and Halal food restaurant. The restaurant has been operating for at least 70 years, and is famous for its outstanding murtabak, delicious roti varieties including mataba, and biryani rice with chicken.

Although the restaurant is no fuss, it delivers big flavors. The food here is authentic, extremely affordable and the attentiveness of the friendly staff will have you coming back to get your roti fix time and time again!

Distance from The Ember Hotel: 650 m (8 mins)

Khun Daeng’s Vietnamese Noodle

Considered one of the best noodle shops in Bangkok, Khun Daeng’s is located in a shophouse. The shop’s ingredients come from Ubon Ratchathani which also makes for a unique selling point.

Khun Daeng’s Vietnamese Noodle prepares noodle dishes one by one and offers a choice of toppings such as eggs or mushrooms. The gooey soup is absolutely delicious and also has fragrant, peppery pork. The noodle shop is open Monday-Saturday from 11:00am-21:00pm.

Distance from The Ember Hotel: 600 m (7 mins)

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